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    EMF Education

    Education starts with a Question

    LHP educates on how EMF affects us on a 

    cellular level. Knowledge is a powerful tool.

    EMF has a more profound negative affect on women who are pregnant, a new born and our children causing greater harm to their 

    developing bodies. 

    We invite you to an LHP community Q & A Gathering where we discuss simple and sustainable solutions you can do 'tonight' to lower EMF in your home.  Visit our Blog Page Organize an EMF Q & A Gathering in your own neighborhood, school, company, social group.  Contact us.  What is your question?

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    EMF exposure simple solutions for your home and office

    EMF Consulting

    Are you sensitive to EMF?

    Living Harmony Project is a 501(c)3 not for profit creating balance between our love for Technology and our commitment to Health. LHP offers EMF Consulting, Evaluation and Mitigation in your home or office.  Scientists, Health Practitioners and Government Agencies conclude "Yes!", 

    all of us are sensitive to the adverse health 

    affects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) 

    and Radio Frequency (RF)

    Did you know know that almost every home has wiring errors causing harmful EMF. 

    There are often Simple Solutions.  Call us.

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    EMF Shielding Fashion

    EMF Shielding Accessories  =  Necessities

    I love my cell phone!!  Like you, I can't imagine 

    a day without it.  LHP is raising Function to a Fashion Trend! All cell phones emit harmful levels of RF Radiation. LHP makes hand made RF Shielding Cell Phone Cases, Bags & Hip Bags that attenuate RF Radiation  by 99+%.

     LHP makes EMF Shielding Lap Protectors as well so you and your family can protect your body from EMF emitted by your lap top,

     tablet and gaming devices. 

    Your Donations are Tax Deductible. Receive a case, bag or lap protectors as our Thank You!

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    EMF (electric & magnetic fields, radio frequency & dirty electricity)

    "Start with what is right, rather than what is acceptable."  Franz Kafka

    EMF Education, Consulting and Mitigation are preventive and healing health care for you, your family and your employees. There is often harmful high levels of EMF in the work place which many of us spend most of our time.

    Living Harmony Project has the knowledge, experience and innovative solutions to evaluate EMF hazards in your home and office then we offer the skills and required professional license to fix EMF hazards at their source. 

    Funds and Donations received sustain LHP's commitment to give back to those in our community who are less fortunate and many times most in need of EMF Education and Mitigation.


    Tax Deductible Awesome Back to School 

    Cell Phone Accessories.  Perfect!

    RF (radio frequency) Shielding Cell Phone Cases, Pouches & Bags for you and the Students in your home.

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    Mentally & Physically Disabled

    Often the mentally and physically disabled members of our community are more sensitive to the negative affects of EMF exposure. This includes our Veterans who have served this Country. 

    LHP works with these individuals and families to create a more health promoting and productive living environment.

    EHS (electromagnetichypersensitivity,) a condition that can be debilitating mentally and physically.

    It is estimated that over 30% of our population suffers from EHS.  LHP works with clients who suffer from EHS creating calm, comfortable low EMF living and work space.

    Living in Poverty

    The poorest communities often have the highest levels of harmful EMF.  Pregnant women and their unborn babies are especially at risk. New Borns and children, with their developing bodies and thin skull are at high risk of harm from EMF exposure.

    LHP offers Evaluation & Mitigation services to these families at little to no cost to them.

    First Responders

    First Responders are surrounded by high levels of EMF throughout their work day causing constant stress on their body. There is a good reason why California Fire Fighters and Paramedics said "NO" to RF antennas on Fire Station roofs. LHP wants to make sure that coming home from work promotes health and well being for these men and women.


    EMF Education, Consutling & Mitigation

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